Dua Book
Dua Book
Dua Book With QR Codes

This Dua Book is the first with Text & QR-codes for Sound! With 70 Dua, Clear table of contents, Arabic text, transliterations, and English translations.

As Muslims, making dua is a crucial way for us to connect with Allah s.w.t. and seek His guidance in our daily lives. It reminds us of His presence and His willingness to help us in times of need, and helps us stay humble and focused on our Imaan.

Take the first step towards deepening your relationship with Allah s.w.t. through the power of Dua in a convenient, meaningful and consistent way. EL HIDAYA Dua Book helps you improve your understanding and pronunciation of the Dua.

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Wudu Book
Wudu Book Inside Page
My First Wudu Bath Book – Changes Colour In Water

‘My First Wudu Book’ is a colour-changing bath book, which aims to truly captivate and educate young hearts on the order of washing the basic body parts for wudu — the ritual washing performed by Muslims in preparation for their daily prayers.

Parents will also enjoy teaching their children the names of the body parts in this interactive and fun way to learn all about wudu through play:

  • Introduction to body parts for young children in a fun & interactive way
  • Introduction to wudu for Muslim parents and for inter-faith educators
  • Unique colour changing feature when the book is put in water
  • Suitable from age 0 upwards (birth)
  • Wipe clean and safe for baby
  • Waterproof
  • Exquisitely hand drawn
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