My Daily Du’as Book


Colourful. Logical. Easy to use.


A must have du’a book for any child starting to learn their du’as. This book has a very easy to follow layout and is sure to become an essential part of your child’s day. They’ll take it with them to school, Islamic classes, in the car or wherever they go…


Get your child, or any child for that matter, this book which will be something for them to work towards in this life and will benefit them in the Hereafter.


* Get a FREE du’a card!

Keep it in the car, in your bag or your pocket. A very handy card that will help in learning this blessed prayer praising and thanking Allah for the special gift of transport.

– 85mm x 55mm

– soft touch card

– clear and colourful

– 1 free card for every My Daily Du’as book purchased



Size: 124mm x 177mm (portrait)

Pages: 40

Cover: paperback, gloss

ISBN: 978-1-9160465-0-4