Asiyah: A Quest for Self-Love
Asiyah: A Quest for Self-Love

Asiyah, a twenty-two year old university student, is ready for love and eternal happiness. Being a rather simple girl herself, she decides to adopt the ways of her fashion-forward older sister, Zahra, for better chances to meet ‘the one’—sounds simple, right? Not quite. Asiyah soon learns, through a series of heartbreak, disappointment and frustration that it takes courage and sincerity to find the soulful love she seeks. Searching for happiness therefore takes Asiyah on a challenging journey to acquire what she realizes is the most important prerequisite of happiness: self-love.

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Happiness Everyday Book
Happiness Every Day Book

– 2016 – New updated headings –

The moment you opened your eyes this morning, your soul began its daily pursuit of happiness; the search for comfort, meaning, peace and joy in the day.

This book is here to help you with that everyday pursuit. Written from an Islamic angle, it consists of 365 tips that will inject happiness into each day of your year. This book will; push you to take practical steps to find pleasure, teach you the art of positive thinking, uncover your eyes to show you the beauty around you, entice you to be a better person, instil love into your heart for God and, most importantly, serve to remind you of the ultimate purpose of your life.

A fantastic gift for a loved one! We highly recommend this book.

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