52 Poems Cover
52 Poems for 52 Weeks – A Lunar Year

This collection of poems, spanning the Islamic months, will bring out your emotions. Each poem has been written with great care and attention, with a beautiful blend of traditional poetry mixed with modern styles. You will also be able to practise writing your own poems at the end with some insight and helpful tips. Grab this unique book within the English speaking Muslim community and share your poems with us. Details can be found at the end of the book.



Size: 128.5mm x 198.4mm (portrait)

Pages: 100

Cover: paperback

ISBN: 978-1-9160465-4-2

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I Love Allah Children's Book
I Love Allah Book

A beautiful story of a little girl on a journey to learn about Allah. As she asks different members of her family, she discovers more about her creator and eventually comes to a profound conclusion. Smart girl!


Children will love this vibrant and colourful picture book, written in rhyme. A perfect introduction to who Allah is and why we love Him.



Size: 216mm x 279mm (portrait)

Pages: 32

Cover: paperback

ISBN: 978-1-9160465-3-5

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Kalbi's Kennel Kids Story Book
Kalbi’s Kennel Book

A very heartwarming and beautifully illustrated picture book for children.


Kalbi is sat snugly in his kennel. His day gets interesting when other animals ask him for shelter from the harsh winter weather. Will there be enough room for everyone? Read this tale with a twist and find out.


A story with a very valuable lesson for all those little hearts.


* Easy to understand vocabulary used, as well as a few challenging ones to encourage development for children.



Size: 215mm x 266mm (portrait)

Pages: 36

Cover: paperback, gloss

ISBN: 978-1-9160465-1-1

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My Dad Is Children's Book
My Dad is Book

Do you want to teach your child about the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Well, now you can with this book which shows a different angle to the man we all know and love.


Little readers will learn the different qualities that we should all strive for in the familiar context of their dads.


A great book for children to learn about the different jobs that dads do, and the special character traits they have. Follow nine cute little kids and read what they have to say about their dads, with an extra special surprise at the end.


This picture book is sure to be a household favourite in your home.



Size: 216mm x 279mm (portrait)

Pages: 32

Cover: paperback

ISBN: 978-1-9160465-2-8

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My Daily Children's Dua Book
My Daily Du’as Book

Colourful. Logical. Easy to use.


A must have du’a book for any child starting to learn their du’as. This book has a very easy to follow layout and is sure to become an essential part of your child’s day. They’ll take it with them to school, Islamic classes, in the car or wherever they go…


Get your child, or any child for that matter, this book which will be something for them to work towards in this life and will benefit them in the Hereafter.


* Get a FREE du’a card!

Keep it in the car, in your bag or your pocket. A very handy card that will help in learning this blessed prayer praising and thanking Allah for the special gift of transport.

– 85mm x 55mm

– soft touch card

– clear and colourful

– 1 free card for every My Daily Du’as book purchased



Size: 124mm x 177mm (portrait)

Pages: 40

Cover: paperback, gloss

ISBN: 978-1-9160465-0-4

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